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“Diversification is the only free lunch”

-Nobel Prize laureate & Economist Harry Markowitz
Algobazar has the few investment strategies that can help to reduce risk without reducing expected returns.

Algobazar do so by spreading investments across different types of Quant Trading strategies of Momentum, Mean reverting and Delta Neutral.

Against the Gods, Our Prop Trading Solution.

The Human race has been quantifying risk and uncertainty Since inception for their survival.

In the early attempts to quantify risk and uncertainty before the 17 century, Dependence on Gods & oracles was Very prominent.

But, With The development of probability theory in the 17th century and the later development of statistical methods for Risk-management- leads a shift to a Data-Driven approach to quantifying risk and uncertainty.

Here, We will try to quantify risk and uncertainty & Manage it, Via Data. Thus, We name the Prop Trading solution “Against the Gods”.

Checkout One and Only - “Against the Gods”

Market can be any of These Three states- Momentum, Mean Reverting or Flat (Delta neutral) We allocate Your Capital to all 3 strategies based on “Kelly Criterion” & Other Formulas.

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