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Against the Gods

CategoryProp Desk / Brokers
Min Investments
Monthly Fees ( Per ₹1.00Cr)
Possible Drawdown
₹50,000.00 + GST (approx.)
No. of Trades (Approx.)
200 / Month
Employing diverse algorithmic tactics minimizes losses and seeks to enhance profits by blending momentum, delta-neutral, and mean-reverting approaches to address different market scenarios effectively.
Our adaptable strategy encompasses high and low VIX, directional and non-directional, and overnight and intraday conditions, ensuring optimal adaptation to varying environments.
You can simply link your broker's trading APIs in your profile section, pay fees, and get started.
Disclaimer: Algo trading in Options is subject to market risk. Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Note: All returns shown here are Gross returns.(Which does not include Brokerage, Other Govt & Exchange Charges)