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There is no second thought that you need a “Trading edge” to achieve Positive results from your trading. But From where does this “Trading edge” comes form? Not sure?
“Trading Edge” comes from Research, Trading Speed, and Risk Management. We Provide all in Harmony.
We Enable you to trade the” trading edge” with our Quant-based algorithm -directly to your trading account - without your day-to-day involvement.


We Know Derivative Trading is Zero-sum Game, So, We want Ourselves & all our clients on the Positive side of this Zero-sum Game.

We do whatever it takes, in terms of Research, Trading Speed, and Risk Management to get Positive expectancy in Investments returns.


Abhi Patel
Abhi Patel
Co-Founder & CEO
Abhikumar began his journey to the top as the District topper of 12th commerce. He then went on to earn his BBA from HL College, Ahmedabad and PGPSM from NISM, Mumbai , cementing his expertise in the field. But his real moment of glory came when he won the fourth season of the Derivative reality show “Sensex ka Sultan” in Ahmedabad- a testament to his incredible trading acumen.

Abhikumar's passion for the cause and effect relationship between market's Movements and Quant analysis is the driving force behind Algobazar, which he founded to bring advanced algorithmic trading to the masses.
Pritesh Patel is an academic - practitioner with 22 years of experience in the IT field. He has extensive experience in heading large ERP projects and managing high-traffic products for over a decade. He has also been a guest speaker at prestigious universities such as Adani University and Ganpat University.

He is committed to helping others achieve financial success through cutting-edge technology, and his dedication to this goal is evident in every aspect of algobazar's Fintech platform.
Pritesh Patel
Pritesh Patel
Co-Founder & CTO